Monday, June 21, 2010

Nikolai's Birthday

Here is a backwards post about Nikolai's Birthday...again late, but still fun!

For his birthday we gave him The Fantastic Mr. Fox and The BFG. He also got a teepee...which did not turn out as well as my first attempt (I think, surprisingly, that a better made sheet makes a better teepeee) so we didn't take pictures of it. :(

Nikolai wanted a Jungle theme for his birthday...this is his tiger cake (minus the stripes). I put both of them in a tuperwear to stay moist and the frosting stuck to the, this one is missing his nose. :)

This is a big family picture taken at our house after Nikolai's baptism. He was lucky enough to be baptised on his birthday!

Andy baptised Nikolai...he did a great job and we're so proud of both of them!

This is a rhubarb coffee cake that Nikolai's loves. As you can see he is super-excited.

This is Nikolai's monkey turned out great and everyone had a good time! He had several friends over for his party after school before school got out.

Thanks for making it to the bottom!

Andy's Graduated! Hooray!

I know this is old news...but I'm always behind...of course. But, here are some fabulous pictures of our baby brother's high school graduation. Go Mustangs!

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