Friday, January 29, 2010


If you become a you have to post a picture every time? I am not a faithful picture take like I was in the past. The time slips away and the camera lays hidden beneath a chair in the bedroom. We take it out for special occasions, but then we have so many pictures it takes a awful long time to go through them. So, I've decided that pictures are not always a necessity. So this is my first post sans pictures. Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas 2009

Sadly, it doesn't seem like it was that long ago that I was posting pictures from last Christmas.

I spent my first few days off from work frantically trying to get all of my Christmas gifts made. I had a great time sewing and painting and copying and enjoying the time I had to create things from scratch. I love to give homemade gifts...even though they often seem to be a little stressful.

We had a great holiday season filled with family traditions, a little snow, and time spent together. Here are some pictures of the fun we had!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not Ready to Give Up

I'm sure most of you have long since stopped checking our blog, but I'm going to try and start up again. I'm a creature of convenience and have a hard time waiting for dail up or heading to the library to us the I've been a slacker. I'm hoping with the new year I can be a better blogger and keep everyone updated. :)

We had a great Christmas and are excited to begin a new year with good health, a wonderful home, and time to spend with each other. Hope the new year is treating everyone well!