Monday, March 7, 2011

In Honor of my Sister

Today is my oldest sister's birthday. She lives in Alaska, and I am terrible about sending packages. The fact that she is fantastic about sending cards and goodies, makes me feel even worse. For my last birthday she sent me a card with an older naked woman on it, with strategic areas covered by a flower pot. She said it reminded her of do you top that?

So, in honor of my beautiful sister, here is a top ten list of things she has taught me:

On the lighter side:

1. If you think it sounds like a great idea, you will probably get in trouble. However, the fun you have along the way, just might be worth it.

2. Babysitters are meant to be tortured. It is very important that you make them earn every quarter they may recieve for each hour they have to spend watching 6 incredibly horrible children.

3. Never underestimate the power of a good money making scheme. Many people are gulible and will give you money for things that should most likely find a home in their garbage can.

4. Toilet papering your own house is only a good idea if you do the front yard. If you toilet paper the back yard, your parents will somehow realize it was you.

5. Torture your younger siblings as much as possible; it will make them stronger in the future.

On a more serious side:

1. Have fun--life is meant to be enjoyed.

2. Laugh, often--it helps you feel great, even if you don't.

3. Be creative--there are a million things you can make with your hands.

4. Play with your kids--those memories are the ones they'll remember.

5. Be a fun big sister--eventually your younger siblings will look back and laugh at all the fun you had.

Happy Birthday Tam! I love you.

Friday, March 4, 2011

To My Mother: A Tribute

Happy Birthday Mom!

To a young daughter, a mother
comforts her when she's scared,
holds her hand when she crosses the street,
reads her stories,
sings her to sleep,
feeds her when she's hungry,
and curls her hair for Sunday.

To a school age daughter, a mother
fixes treats for her classroom (ghosts made of white chocolate),
creates perfect Halloween costumes,
sews stylish clothes,
teaches her to ride a bike,
lets her walk to school with her best friend,
and curls her hair for picture day.

To a teenage daughter, a mother
tells her no when she wants to hear yes,
makes sure she eats a snack after school,
tells her to finish her homework,
warns her about boys and dating,
shares her own experiences about girl's camp,
deals with her mood swings,
and resigns to her wearing combat boots and dyeing her hair.

To a grown up daughter, a mother
inspires her as she raises her own children,
talks to her like a friend,
sympathizes when she has to clean up after sick children,
calls once a week to check in,
reminds her to be a patient, loving wife and mother,
offers advice,
brings countless goodies to her door,
and notices when she cuts her hair.

To me, you are the best mother a daughter could have.
I love you; Happy Birthday!