Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Welcome Chicks!

We've welcomed five chicks to our house recently. Aleksi's kindergarten class watched several chicks hatch and we got to bring three of them home. We then got two more from D & B about a week later. They are hanging out in our sunroom keeping us entertained. Jay is building a chicken coop and we hope to have our own eggs in the future.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Aleksi!

This is the teepee I made Aleksi for his birthday...he was really excited!

Aleksi and all of his presents.

Aleksi and the pinata.

I know it looks like it is "hanging," but it was the best we could do. :)

I made Aleksi a peach coffee cake in the shape of a chick for breakfast. He wasn't super excited, but the rest of us enjoyed it.

Aleksi wanted to have a "chick" birthday,...as in chickens, not babes. So, we made yellow rice crispie treats that I cut out in the shape of chicks to send to school, stayed up all hours of the night creating a chick pinata, and planned fun games for his friends to play (like pin the egg in the chicken's nest).

Aleksi had a great time at the party, and now I'm gearing up for Nikolai's here soon. Birthday's are exhausting, but it is so fun to see them happy and excited.

As always, my pictures are totally out of order and I am too lazy to fix them...enjoy this post backwards. :)