Friday, October 15, 2010

Rock Climbing

Uncle Justin came to town for a few days and bought a child sized harness for the boys. They headed out to try out Jay's new rope and the new harness. They had a great time and I'm sure they can't wait to get out again.

City of Trees Marathon

Jay ran the City of Trees Marathon for the 2nd time last week. He trained for about 18 weeks and found that he can run some pretty fast miles. These are pictures right before he crossed the finish line. It was a pretty warm day, which is why he tossed his shirt at about mile 18. He had a fantastic time of 3 hours and 9 minutes. This was two minutes faster than two years ago, but not as fast as he was hoping for. However, I was pretty proud.

Jay's Birthday Camping Adventure

For Jay's birthday, he and I headed up to McCall to camp and enjoy some beautiful weather. Camping in October is usually out of the question, but we enjoyed something closer to early September weather.

We got into McCall late and set up camp at Last Chance. Then we headed into town for dinner. Then next morning we did a quick trail run about two and half miles to a waterfall. Sorry, no pictures of that, camera's are hard to handle while running.

The rest of the day was spent biking around Payette Lake. We were in for a real treat with a sunny sky, fall colors, and a clear lake. We had lunch on the beach and had an ice cream cone at the end. That is one thing I remember about going to McCall when I was younger, Grandpa always got us an ice cream cone.

On our way home, we headed through Donnelly and up into the mountains in search of a hot spring. We found it, although it was an interesting one. There are two shacks with water piped in and a cement "tub" to soak in. The temperature was fantastic and we enjoyed a nice soak. We drove around Cascade lake to get home and hit Los Betos in Boise for a late night dinner.

It was a great way to say happy birthday to Jay and goodbye to the camping season.

First Day of School

Well, I guess this is better late than never. Here are a few pictures of the boys on their first day of school. Yes, I know it is already mid-October, but I can't imagine you expect any more from me. I had a colleague cover my 1st period class, so that I could head over and see them on their first day. As you can see, they were quite excited to get back to school. Lucky for us, they still have that enthusiasm. Oh, and that is not our fancy car in the background of the the third picture...just in case you thought we'd upgraded.