Monday, March 29, 2010

Valley of Fire

We traveled to Boulder City, Neveda on Saturday. My sister Katie and her three girls are here as well and we are having a great time. Today we went to Valley of Fire to look at the petroglyphs and do a little hiking. Katie and her oldest daughter Elizabeth came with us. It was a long drive, but the petroglyphs were fascinating. We did a few walks to see lots of petroglyphs and some petrified wood. It was a fun day!

Spring is Here!

Our spring flowers are blooming! We've enjoyed some great days out in the yard digging in the flower beds, raking leaves, and wishing for more warm days. We are excited to see more of our flowers begin to bloom and in a few weeks we're hoping to get the garden tilled and get things ready for planting...wish us luck!


The time finally came to get haircuts! Nikolai does really well, but Aleksi does not love the haircutting experience. However, I was able to get both done and they look SO much better!

Valentine's Day Party


Grandma and Grandpa Morgan kept the boys for the weekend and they surprised us with a party when we went to pick them up. They had made treats and valentines. It was a great time and sweet of the boys to want to do something fun for us!