Monday, April 12, 2010

Sock Monkeys

A certain sister, who shall remain nameless, forced me (against my will) to spend hours upon hours of time sewing very difficult sock monkeys to give to the boys for Christmas. Okay, so she didn't force me, but it seemed like such a good idea! Needless to say, mine are nowhere near as fabulous as hers, but the boys love me anyway and in turn love their sock monkeys. A few months ago, while at our local Youth Ranch, I found a set of very cute sock monkey sheets for only $5.00. I couldn't resist. I finally got them on their beds by combining the set with another sheet set, and I think they couldn't be any cuter! I put the stuffed animals ont he bed for modeling purposes...they are very cooperative. :)

A Very Briner Easter

We had a fun time on Sunday having a post-Easter and Birthday celebration. Grandma had lots of fun things for the kids to do. The "big" boys went out and hid the eggs for the kids. Each one of the kids had to find a pink egg and a big egg. The smallest eggs were for the littlest kids.

Everyone lined up on the patio and had a great time looking for eggs in the yard and on the porch. Then, the "big" boys had to hide the eggs a second time. This time they could find as many eggs as they could, but they HAD to find the one with their name on it. Uncle Tommy aslo brought some hard boiled eggs along and he and Kiera had fun hiding those for the kids as well.

When everyone came back in, Grandma had a huge basket of prizes. The kids traded their egg for a prize of their choice. Then the adults were able to choose a prize as well. I got some nice lotion and big bag. :)

It was a really fun time and the my kids appreciated the egg hunt, since we were out of town this year. Happy late Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Boulder City Fun

We've been having a lot of fun at Aunt Christy's house. Yesterday we made caterpillars out of egg cartons and died easter eggs.

The kids have been getting up early and playing in the living room before breakfast. This is the "kids" table where they eat all of their meals. Aunt Christy lets them choose their cereal and then gives them a small cup with milk that they can pour in themselves. This has been a huge hit!

Even after their cereal this morning, the boys wanted to eat one of their Easter eggs. They thought they were good and will probably have to eat several more tomorrow.

This afternoon we went to the Silverton Casino to see the mermaid show. The kids thought it was really cool. We were impressed as well. The mermaids played with all of the kids and did some pretty cool tricks.

After the mermaids we went to the strip to see a few things. They boys thought everything was amazing and loved the fountains at the Bellagio. We got to see it twice and they would have watched it all night if we'd had time. The spring display inside was really neat and the kids enjoyed that as well.