Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This is a super belated "Happy Birthday" to my brother Ben, who actually had his birthday in May. Pictures will hopefully follow...but I'm not making any promises. :)

A top 10 list for Ben

  1. Ben and I often share the same hair color...although he's getting more conservative as he gets older.
  2. Ben loves to play: video games, outdoor games, card games, he's always willing to jump in.
  3. Ben wore a kilt to his reception. I'm not kidding. And he looked awesome.
  4. Ben is a great dad. He loves to play with his children and does a wonderful job looking out for them.
  5. Ben must love to drive. He will often drive from Hailey to Boise just for the weekend.
  6. Ben reads great books. Even a few I haven't read yet.
  7. Ben is very loyal. He will help you out whenever needed.
  8. Ben is caring. I rarely hear him say anything bad about anything else.
  9. Ben was a super cute kid. When I get pictures up, you can see what a little charmer he was. Not that he's not cute now...but nothing compares to his little boy pictures.
  10. Ben can make me laugh. He is fun, light hearted, and loves to enjoy everything this world had to offer.
Ben...I love you!